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Careful, Rigorous, Ensure Good Quality

SOUNDAI is a comprehensive import and export trade enterprise established in 2011. The company's main products include 7 categories, including animal Artificial insemination, feeding and watering, cow magnet, animal control, animal care, syringes and needles, traps and cages.

SOUNDAI's products have been exported to 50 countries including the United States, Spain, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Italy, etc. We always prioritize quality and service. In the future, SOUNDAI will continue to actively seek new products, new markets, and profit conscious customers, and we wish our high-quality products will benefit people in need around the world.

about us
about us

Quality Guarantee

Quality can only be achieved through the pursuit of excellence, advanced technology and best team. We strictly select our suppliers to make sure our products with the best quality. We strictly test the product to make sure that its durability exactly matches our client’s requireme.

We also strictly inspect the production and packaging. We don’t allow any packaging defect or any defect. We take photos of every stage of production, which will be sent to our clients. We won’t deliver the goods without the confirmation from our clients.

Quality Guarantee

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Our Service

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Corporate Culture

Enterprise tenet: Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the core one - only with customer satisfaction can enterprises have a market and profit.

Employee satisfaction is the cornerstone - employees are the starting point of the enterprise's value chain, and only employee satisfaction,

Only enterprises can provide products and services that satisfy customers.

Corporate Vision

To win the respect of customers with first-class quality and excellent service; Win with leading technology and performance.

Respect from peers; Relying on and respecting employees to win their loyalty and respect for the company.

Business philosophy: Creating value, collaborating for win-win and sustainable development

Value creation - independent creation, lean management, technological innovation, tapping potential and increasing efficiency.

Create value for enterprises, partners, and society.

Win-win cooperation - establish strategic partnership with customers and suppliers, and collaborate with relevant parties.

Sincere cooperation in the community, forming a stable and healthy community of interests, working hand in hand for common development.

Sustainable Development - The company is committed to producing high-quality products and contributing to the animal husbandry industry.

Safety philosophy: Safety is responsibility, safety is benefit, safety is happiness

Safety is responsibility - safety responsibility is as important as Mount Taishan, and enterprises attach importance to safety production and labor protection.

Nursing work is responsible to employees, enterprises, and society; Employees are firmly established.

The awareness of being the first, consciously following safety regulations, and learning to protect oneself are responsible for the family.


ISO 9001

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